Practice Symposia

The content of the Practice Symposia is comprised of sessions structured around eight categories that will relate to the 2019 IPM Workshop theme of Achieving Extraordinary Growth Technology.  Refer to the Speaker Requirements Document for more details.

Current Program Schedule – To come

Topic areas are:

The planning of IPMW 2019 Tracks will be from among the topic categories listed below.  In the abstract submission, indicate the Category (Cat) number and sub-element letter (e.g., Cat 1a) to aid the reviewers in their consideration. 

  • Cat 1: Integrated Program Management (IPM) System development and maintenance
    1. Development and maintenance of EVM System
    2. Development and maintenance of IPM System for non-EVM programs
    3. Balancing extreme EVM System needs with “Regular” IPM System needs
    4. Driving project performance management in the era of Building Information Modelling (BIM)
    5. Scaling and tailoring alternatives
    6. Process Discipline Integration (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma, CMMI)
    7. Integration of other key process disciplines into PM and EVM practices (e.g., risk management)
    8. Production Management


  • Cat 2: Contracts, Contracting & Project Start-up
    1. Project transition and start-up planning and activities
    2. Integration of subcontractor and prime contractor practices and data
    3. Finalizing the implementation of EVM on a Task Order Contract
    4. Scaling and tailoring alternatives for the program
    5. Effective project communication
      • Effective project storytelling techniques
      • Improving project communication
    6. Engagement of executive management and stakeholders
    7. Going from the proposal BOEs to the initial baseline in execution
    8. Identifying and staffing the program with the right resources
    9. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) development
    10. Contract Management 
  • Cat 3: Performance Measurement
    1. Implementing an effective performance measurement program
    2. Predictive Measures
    3. Technical performance measurement planning and metrics
    4. Business and mission outcome management
    5. Selling the value of the technical outcomes
    6. How do all technical, schedule and cost measures tell an integrated story
    7. Solutions to capture metrics to improve processes and practices


  • Cat 4: Project Scheduling
    1. Integrated Master Plan (IMP) and Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)
    2. Best practices
    3. Planning and baselining
    4. Simulation
    5. Using risk details as the basis for schedule analysis and simulation
    6. Statusing, forecasting, and analysis
    7. Critical and driving path analysis
    8. Integration of risk management with schedule and resource management


  • Cat 5: System Validation, IBRs and Surveillance Reviews
    1. Preparing the team (e.g., training, mock interviews, data traces)
    2. Validation Reviews, IBRs, and Surveillance Reviews
    3. System vs. Program Surveillance
    4. Internal and External Surveillance
    5. Internal and external Earned Value Analysis System (EVAS) processes


  • Cat 6: Analysis, Forecasting, and Reporting:
    1. BOEs vs. ETCs
    2. Formal (e.g., IPMR) vs. internal analysis and reporting
    3. Executive/Enterprise vs. Portfolio vs. Project analysis and reporting
    4. Using EVM for corrective action, also verifying planning “accuracy.”
    5. The right set of reports for the right team (analysis and reporting maturity)
    6. Funding vs. budget management
    7. CSDR
    8. Earned Value Analysis Systems (EVAS)
    9. Creating a reliable Latest Revised Estimate (LRE)
  • Cat 7: Agile Integration:
    1. Educating the Non-Agile Community on Agile, from the Agile perspective (Fundamental Agile and EVM concepts for beginners)
    2. How does a contractor with a new Agile and EVM contracting requirement get started? 
    3. Product Increment Planning, Roadmap, and Relationship to PMB (from the PM and System Engineering Perspective)
    4. Contracting for Agile and EVM and Negotiating the CDRL list (SOO vs. SOW)
    5. Examples of Schedule execution and vertical traceability from the EVM Hierarchy through the Agile Hierarchy to drive EV (BCWP) reporting
    6. Tracing of Agile technical progress and practices to traditional EVM measurement techniques
    7. Managing change, Rework, Spikes, and impact to Forecasting / ETC
    8. Examples of execution and managing scope of the end product (user stories “how,” features/product = “scope”) (SOO vs. SOW)
    9. Agile and EVM panel (seeking panelists who have both executed agile and EVM contracts and participated in the various community initiatives – NDIA, PARCA / DCMA training, GAO, etc.  Seeking abstracts summarizing experience from both PMs and EVM practitioners)


  • Cat 8: New Generation PM
    1. IPM career path considerations
    2. Making room for IPM in traditional PM
    3. Critical differentiating criteria of IPM from finance management and related opportunities
    4. The Scheduler/IPM expert
    5. Opportunities in integrated data-driven program management


  • Cat 9: Other: This is to provide a path to submitting a topic that may not fit in the above categories.
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