Keynote Speakers

Monday: October 30

Kenneth B. Sheely
Deputy Associate Administrator for Infrastructure
National Nuclear Security Administration

Integrated Performance Management

Beginning with the Manhattan Project during World War II, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has a long and rich history in protecting our nation.  Unfortunately NNSA also has infrastructure and program management tools that date to the 1940s and 1950s.  This keynote address will provide an overview of the history, legacy, and scale of NNSA and its infrastructure and infrastructure management challenges.  The discussion will highlight several new management practices and tools that have improved performance resulting in increased budget and autonomy for the program.  Topics to be covered include – the projectization of large programs, program management structures, data-driven-risk-informed tools, and the award winning G2 program management system.

Ken is the Deputy Associate Administrator for Infrastructure at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). He is responsible for leading efforts to maintain, operate, and modernize NNSA’s general purpose infrastructure. This includes 6,000 facilities located in seven states comprising over $50 billion in real property assets. Ken oversees programs with an annual budget of $1.9 billion.  Ken is a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and has over 27 years of experience in national security program management. Major leadership positions held include:

  • Securing nuclear weapons and nuclear materials in the Former Soviet Union
  • Achieving President Obama’s goal of securing the most dangerous nuclear materials around the world in four years
  • Arresting the declining state of the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Production Infrastructure

Ken has been awarded:

  • A Presidential Rank Award for outstanding achievements (2016)
  • The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Distinguished Project Award (2011)
  • Five Secretary of Energy Achievement Awards (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016)
  • The William Jump Award for Outstanding Service in Public Administration (1998)


Tuesday, October 31

Section 809 Panel
David Ahern, VADM Joseph Dyer, Retired, and LGEN Ross Thompson, Retired
Moderator: John Driessnack

The Section 809 Panel is an 18-person panel, created in section 809 of the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and amended by section 863(d) of the NDAA for FY 2017, tasked with finding ways to streamline and improve the defense acquisition process. The panel has 2 years to develop recommendations for changes in regulations and associated statutes to achieve those ends.

The panel is charged with making recommendations that will shape DoD’s acquisition system into one that is bold, simple, and effective. In order to cover every aspect needed to improve the defense acquisition process, the section 809 panel is broken up into teams that analyze specific topics. Each team has its own goal, and every team works cohesively to meet the end goal: streamline and enhance acquisition and procurement of defense equipment in the DoD. A full outline is on the web at

The three speakers at the conference, David Ahern, VADM Joseph Dyer, Retired, and LTG Ross Thompson, Retired, are from Team Five, which is tasked to identify attributes and qualities common to successful programs that can be widely employed and provide the basis for recommendations on best practices and changes to regulations and statutes. The three speakers will form a panel to discuss their research, with a discussion facilitated by John Driessnack.

Panelist Bios:

Wednesday, November 1

50 Years of EVM – Have We Made an Impression Yet? – Panel Discussion

Gary Humphreys (Humphreys and Associates); Mike Bensussen (AACEI); Bill Mathias (CPM); Karen Richey; Matt Hawkins (National Science Foundation)
Neil Albert (NFA Consulting, LLC) Moderator

This panel will explore the questions with 50 years of Earned Value Management (EVM), how does the community view its value?  How did it gain its importance? What are it’s strengths and weaknesses?  How can EVM be improved and what is it’s future?

IPM Workshop provides unparalleled access to the world's experts on Earned Value Management, Agile and EVM, and a range of Project Performance Management Techniques. Join us for outstanding training, professional development and exploration of hot topics with practitioners and world leaders in performance management.

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