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Speaker Requirements 

Abstract Submission Portal

General Speaker Expectations:
CPM expects speakers to adhere to the timing as listed in the event agenda, to provide a quality session, and to be respectful of all participants and their views. CPM forbids you from selling, promoting, or endorsing any products and/or services within your presentation. You may mention products or services, but further promotion is prohibited. Attendees are traditionally vocal in their displeasure with sessions that appear to be sales presentations or promotions. Any speaker who chooses to make a pitch during their presentation will not be selected to speak at any future IPM related events. One or two slides discussing your background, the organization you work for, and what your position entails is sufficient to set the context for your presentation.

Workshop vs. Practice Symposia:
Workshops are forums to introduce and develop new and emerging practices and techniques to improve program management using project performance management. Objectives are to identify potential solutions. The Workshops are not intended to provide training or instruction but to encourage an open discussion on the Workshop topic.

The Practice Symposia provides the primary avenue for people to share best practices and insight for others to continue evolving the discipline and accepted practices.

IPM 2019 Practice Symposia Categories
A detailed list of possible 2019 Practice Symposia categories with descriptions is available on the Practice Symposia page.

Workshop and Practice Symposia Topic and Speaker Selections:
The content of the Workshops and Practice Symposia sessions are intended to reinforce the Integrated Program Management (IPM) Workshop theme of Achieving Extraordinary Growth through Technology.

In support of the theme, specific sessions within each Track will be selected based on the following evaluation criteria. When submitting an abstract, it should be related to the track and session.

  • Value of the topic: Evaluation of the value of the topic to the community.
  • Alignment of topic to the Track: How well the topic fits within the defined Track.
  • Balance of depth and breadth: Seeking depth in a topic area, along with the link and alignment across the Tracks. The idea is that each topic is important alone, then has an important role in the specific Track, and also tells a key part of the value of our sessions across all Tracks.
  • The emphasis on real practices and examples: Contains only needed conceptual information so that participants can appreciate the details and learn from the insight.
  • Diversity of presenter perspectives: Functional expertise in the topic, customer and oversight authority perspectives, practitioner experience, industry, geographical considerations, variety of organizational sizes and dynamics, etc.
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Important Dates:

October 4, 2019 – Session Abstract Submission Deadline
NLT October 30, 2019 – Speaker Notification
NLT October 30, 2019 – Speaker Registration
November 18, 2019 – Presentation Materials


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